Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February 2008 Update...

February started out with a flurry (literally...I live in WI where we've had record snowfalls!) of activity. My New Years resolution was to send 20 queries a month to various publications. Well, I hit my goal, but what I failed to keep in mind is the amount of work that goes with that when some of them are accepted. And, thankfully many of them have been! So, no complaints, but oh the work I have ahead of me for the rest of this month.

A few highlights...
  • I am part of a team of writers for a new book that will be released this summer. More on the details of that later...
  • I will be hooking up with Casting Crowns when they are in Madison onMarch 7 and will be doing an interview with front man Mark Hall. That article will come out as a cover feature for Credo magazine in December.
  • My interviews with Matthew West, RE:Zound, Natalie West, Delirious? and Ever Stays Red will be posted on CBN.com through March and April. Sanctus Real and Avalon are already there.
  • I am working on a "Behind the Music" series with my local church to bring web/telecasts of some of my favorite music artists to the teens.

Oh, and all this writing on top of my daily eye stress led me to the doctor today. He sent me home with contacts! It's true what they say about turning 40...everything goes downhill. I'm trying to look at the bright side. With my new cute little glasses, I do look much more like an author!

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