Monday, October 1, 2007

How I ended up here...

So I forgot that I'm on "deadline" today. Credo magazine needs a Leeland interview from me in about....oh, three hours ago! I remembered this when I was sitting at work, knowing there was nothing I could do until I got home. I kept reminding myself that it's only 1,200 words. I can whip that up in less than an hour -- not counting the interuptions from a number of screaming neighborhood kids outside on my swingset, a noisy train in the backyard, constant reminders by my five-year-old that we have fruit snacks in the cupboard (that are not for consumption now!), wet socks, naughty cats...and the distraction of dinner dishes, baskets of unfolded laundry, paperwork for my book signing, accounting records, and "The Bachelor" coming on any minute.

And as I take a break for just a minute to collect my thoughts and look around, I see Payton (5) walking in the room with a stack of books. "Let's read, Mom!" And at that very second, I was taken back to when I was five -- carrying around stacks of Dr. Seuss books with a smile on my face. Without a second thought, I pushed the computer aside and snuggled up next to him, listening to each word that he read. He was reading!!!...reading every word! And then it hit me again that that's how it all began for me. My love of books is what even got me to this state of panic tonight. That love of books is what has inspired me to write.

So write, I will...all 1,200 words of an amazing interview with one of Christian music's hottest new bands, Leeland. And I'll get it all done before "The Bachelor". Thanks, Payton, for reminding me how I ended up here tonight!

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